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Last Updated: 6/24/2013 5:34 PM

With a nicely balanced mixture of aloe vera juice and pomegranate juice, Sabila’s Pomegranate flavor is another solid addition to the lineup. This definitely feels like one of the stronger flavors in the brand, which is just as much the result of using a flavor that pairs well with aloe as it is the added marketability of using pomegranate. The addition of aloe vera pulp adds another layer of complexity (and some chew), while added sugar (to the tune of 27g per 8 oz.) makes the product skew towards the sweeter side. Visually, the pinkish color of the liquid and the clear bottle make this variety stand out slightly more than some of the others. However, there’s a certain aspect of this product that makes it feel like it could be swapped out for other competing products. That said, we think that the Sabila branding could be more dominant -- and perhaps have more personality -- than it currently does. Overall, a solid aloe vera juice product that is definitely on par with the rest of the category.


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16.9oz plastic

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