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Last Updated: 3/13/2012 1:15 PM

As far as the Sambazon line goes, this is probably the best there is (aside from perhaps their flagship acai flavor). The product literally tastes like melted chocolate coconut ice cream, with a rich and smooth body that’s heavy on the chocolate flavor. The coconut adds a further note of indulgence, while also helping to thicken the mix. The almond flavor (which comes from flavoring) is hard to taste, which, given it’s billing on the front of the package, is a bit of a let-down. Honestly, we feel as though both the almond and the acai are unnecessary in terms of this drink’s flavor. However, the nutrition part of the beverage, which is protein (8g) and antioxidants, make both the coconut milk and acai an important part of the drink. Packaging and positioning are good, but would be better (strictly from the point of view of appealing to your senses) if the drink weren’t so purple heavy (purple has little to do with chocolate, almond, and coconut). Plus, it’s easy to miss amongst the other Sambazon products. Overall, this is a really amazing tasting product, but it’s one whose focus seems to be far from being an acai drink (which is what Sambazon is -- or maybe was -- supposedly all about).


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