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Last Updated: 9/19/2013 9:54 AM

The “Prepare” formulation of Sambazon’s Purifying Cleanse line is an acerola cherry, lemon and cayenne blend that typically makes up the start of any cleanse program (hence the name “Prepare”). From a flavor perspective, it’s quite good, with the cherry and lemon flavors providing the base and the cayenne giving it some decent zing. But, of course, this product isn’t as much about flavor as it is being the first day of the three day cleanse program. Nevertheless, we think that Sambazon has done a nice job with the formulation -- it’s clean and is well-executed. Visually, the 1 L Tetra Pak carton is visually appealing and straightforward. However, the screwtop cap is definitely not as easy to drink from as the superior DreamCap that is being used for Tetra Pak’s smaller containers. Hopefully this will change with time. Beyond that, we’d simply suggest that the phrase “Day 1” be added to the front of the carton. Overall, we like what Sambazon has done with this product.


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