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Last Updated: 6/12/2007 11:03 AM

Rio Energy is Sambazon's entry into the hybrid energy category. It uses an acai-based formula like its other varieties, but it also has added yerba mate and guarana. The flavor is good, but not as clean and smooth as other varieties, especially in the product's finish. Specifically, something tastes a bit off, which certainly could be the result of the added mate -- it has an earthy note to it. A bit of cleanup at the end would be nice. And, for the record, we didn't feel any buzz from the product (not a surprise given that it has a reasonable 42mg of caffeine per bottle). Packaging is the same as the other recent Sambazon additions, with a purple-wrapped bottle that has prominent promotion of its organic formulation. We do, however, think the word "energy" is minimized relative to the other words on the label. Plus, the word "RIO" touches the word "ENERGY", which results in the word looking more like "BIO." A little space would quickly clear that up. Overall, a good entry, but we'd like to see a bit more to differentiate it from the rest of the line AND a bit more emphasis on the energy additives.


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Juice: Smoothie, Tea: Yerba Mate


10.4 fl oz (310 ml) plastic

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