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Last Updated: 10/26/2009 9:27 AM

One of the first things that we like about this product is that when they say “Blackberry," the product actually has blackberry juice in it (along with acerola and acai). It has a noticeably more tart flavor than the other two varieties, but it’s still within the limits of being enjoyable. We also like that they’ve chosen to sweeten the drink with agave (a low GI sweetener). Used with restraint, it has given the drink a mild sweetness. Also in the mix are natural flavors, organic hibiscus extract, and organic rooibos extract, with the latter two presumably present to help boost antioxidants. Plus, they’ve done a great job with the packaging, which looks and feels very much like a super-premium product that’s geared at the mainstream AND properly portions the product at 100 calories per bottle. The purple backdrop has clear sections cut through it, which gives it a sort of jungle look, while the front panel is polished and clean. The result is something that looks healthy and premium. In summary, this is a very enjoyable product from start to finish.


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