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Last Updated: 1/5/2009 5:39 PM

Sayan Chaga is based on chaga, which is a mushroom that grows on select varieties of trees. It has a long standing reputation for its health benefits, but it's a new flavor to the beverage arena. With their "Original" variety, Sayan has managed to create an almost tea like flavor, with a subtle spice and nutty flavor that's been given a very mild level of sweetness. It's drinkable, and we appreciate the unique flavor, but this is likely going to be a tough sell when it is placed against more well established tea and juice flavors. Further on that point, the name "Sayan Chaga" needs more appeal and better graphic treatment. In its current form, it's difficult to read, with vertical text and a poor font choice. However, the biggest issue is one of marketability, which relies solely on chaga to pull in customers. That's going to be a tough sell, especially since this is an ingredient that is unknown outside of natural supplement shelves. Conceptually, repackaging this as a blend (e.g. green tea with chaga) and adding some personality to the brand would be a step in the right direction. Until then, this brand is going to need a lot of money and people behind it if it's going to have more than limited niche appeal.


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