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Last Updated: 12/12/2008 10:51 AM

The raspberry variety of Sayan Chaga is a step in the right direction in terms of being more marketable, but the flavor still leaves something to be desired. In this case, the product drinks very much like what you'd see from a ready to drink black tea. The addition of raspberry flavor hides the earthy flavor that we found in the Original, but there's still a slight spice note to the finish. On the outside, the product's 16 fl oz bottle is being positioned as a "super antioxidant + health drink," which is very similar to statements made on many beverage bottles today. Placement of raspberries images is a good idea, but this product still needs more to help whet the appetite. In addition, if chaga has higher ORAC than other ingredients (as they claim on the back of the label), promoting this on the front might be helpful to the brand. Overall, it's a decent concept and a unique ingredient, but it needs some help in the appeal department.


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Functional: Relaxation Drink

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