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Last Updated: 4/13/2010 2:19 PM

Sayan Chaga is based on chaga, which is a mushroom that grows on select varieties of trees. It has a long standing reputation for its health benefits, but it's a new flavor to the beverage arena. With their recently reformulated "Refreshing Original" variety, Sayan has managed to create an almost tea like flavor, with a subtle spice and nuttiness that's been given a very mild level of sweetness (it has honey-like qualities, but it’s actually sugar). The reformulated product is quite drinkable and its flavor is not that far off from flavored black tea, although it definitely still maintains its own unique identity. Still, since it’s not a tea, we think that this product is going to have an uphill battle to win over consumers on the tea aisle (where it will likely end up). Visually, the product has taken a big step forward. Gone is the vertical text and word “Sayan”, which help makes the front of the label easier to read. In addition, the product features additional callouts regarding the drink’s healthy focus, which is certainly why a consumer is going to consider trying this product. However, the product still lacks the ability to whet the appetite, which is the side effect of chaga being a niche flavor at this point. Overall, an improvement over the original, but still a niche product.


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