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Last Updated: 1/26/2010 10:20 AM

Arriving on the RTD coffee scene in 2010 is a move that you would hope means that a product has had the benefit of time to innovate above the competition’s offerings. But in the case of Seattle’s Best Coffee Iced Latte, it seems like more of the same. They’ve chosen a 9.5 oz. slim can, which gives it some slight visual offsets, but inside the can, it’s standard fare RTD iced coffee. The formulation is rather milky, with the coffee taking somewhat of a backseat. There’s a moderately strong dose of sugar (23g), which, when paired with the reduced fat milk, makes the product feel rather heavy in the mouth. Still it’s lighter than a comparable Starbucks RTD product, both in mouth feel and calories, which could make this product have some appeal with consumers seeking a slightly lighter, but not diet, formulation. On the outside, Seattle’s Best is certainly a recognizable brand, but it certainly doesn’t have the same appeal as the market leader. Otherwise, they’ve done a decent job of creating a presentable looking -- if not "hey, neat!" product. It’s clean and polished looking, with minimal front panel text helping to make something that’s pleasing to the eye. Overall, a nice tasting product designed to complement the Starbucks products at a lower price point.


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