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Last Updated: 1/26/2010 10:22 AM

Mixing mocha with the base Seattle’s Best Iced Latte flavor is a step in the right direction, resulting in a pleasant chocolate note on top of the product’s smooth base. There’s a somewhat hefty note of milk to the mix, which helps mellow the drink’s coffee flavor. Sweetness is about average as far as the RTD coffee category goes. All in all, it’s a pleasant tasting product, but there’s nothing really different or unique about this product. We’d more or less say the same about the product’s branding, which, despite using a 9.5 oz. slim can, feels run of the mill. Having the Seattle’s Best Coffee brand associated with the product is certainly a plus as opposed to starting fresh, but it's hard to understand how the Starbucks-owned brand will be able to be sold at a low-enough price point to create a point of difference. In addition, putting “naturally and artificially flavored” right in the center of the front panel quickly makes the drink lose a little bit of appeal. Plus, having five lines of text on the front of a can hurts what would otherwise be a clean and authentic looking design. Overall, it tastes good, but they have failed to present a compelling reason for the consumer to buy this over other brands.


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