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Last Updated: 1/26/2010 10:23 AM

Like many RTD vanilla latte products, the vanilla flavoring in this product is overpowering. The product is quite milky, with the sugar and vanilla flavors almost completely masking the flavor of the coffee. Plus, there’s a somewhat strong vanilla aftertaste. However, our concern for this product is not so much the strong vanilla, but, like the other flavors, it’s failure to differentiate itself from the rest of the category. In this case, it does not appear as though the flavor inside the can has any benefit or distinctiveness from the association with Seattle’s Best Coffee. On the outside, the text heavy front panel and prominent mention of the word “artificial” are turnoffs on what could have otherwise been a clean and appealing design. Removing most or all of this text would make for a cleaner, more premium feeling package. Overall, it’s a good concept, but the product needs help in its execution.


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9.5 oz can

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