Sippin Syrup

by Katalyst Beverage Co.

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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

SIPIN SYRUP is a revolution in euphoric mood enhancement. A balanced formula of herbs and nutrients designed to promote a state of extended relaxation and requiesence (total chill)

Available in a 2 serving 16 ounce resealable bottle

When you wanna chill out, slow down, decompress after a hard night of amp'n or just take the edge off - just grip & sip


Recently Reviewed


Sippin Syrup's "Kandy" variety is a pleasant tasting cotton candy flavored relaxation beverage. Enh...


If you don't like sugar in your relaxation beverage (who needs a sugar high when they are trying to ...


The "Purple" flavor of Sippin Syrup was the first flavor of the lineup that we sampled. Designed fo...

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