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Last Updated: 8/15/2008 10:28 AM

Skinny Water is a zero calorie, sugar free entry that fits into both vitamin enhanced water and weight loss categories. Using ace-k and sucralose as the sweeteners, the drink has a natural level of sweetness, but minimal aftertaste. There's a relatively pleasant fruit flavor that has been used, but it tastes more like a general "tropical" flavor than the advertised passionfruit lemonade (it's lacking enough lemon flavor). Regardless, the pleasant mix has a bevy of added ingredients, including EGCG, ChromeMate, SuperCitrimax, and vitamins. Packaging is a bit cluttered, but easy to understand, with an obvious connotation from the use of the word "Skinny." What's nice about this product is that they've managed to pack function, pleasant flavor, and a digestible brand into one package -- we think this could really have a shot.


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Water: Enhanced, Juice: Lemonade


16.9 fl oz

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