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Last Updated: 9/22/2009 9:01 AM

Brain Twist has paired green tea with apple flavor, which gives the product a flavor that's quite different than other green tea energy drinks that we've sampled. It starts off with a pleasant tasting apple flavor, which is then followed by tea (green and yerba mate) before finally finishing a slight dose of energy flavor. It's pretty well executed, with the revised formula having a much more pleasant apple flavor than the original variety. The same can be said for the revised packaging, which has a much more polished look and feel than the original. They’ve replaced the old smiley face logo with a new block letter logo, which is easier to read and more professional looking. In addition, the new design features a silver band around the middle of the can with the text placed on darker bands at the top and bottom. That greatly helps the readability of the product – and makes it nice looking to boot. Overall, this product has a nice balance of flavor, kick, and appearance – and it’s very enjoyable as a result.


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Functional: Energy Drink: Regular, Tea: Yerba Mate


16 oz can

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