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Last Updated: 9/22/2009 9:01 AM

The only low calorie flavor of the Slap Energy line, Low Calorie Frost Sensation is a 10 calorie version of its similarly named counterpart. In this case, they’ve dialed down the sugar to 3g and supplemented the product with acesulfame potassium and, like the other flavors, sucralose. This mix works surprisingly well, delivering flavor that’s not that far off from its full calorie counterpart. While there’s a slight amount of energy aftertaste, the “frost sensation” aspect of the product washes most of it away. And, of course, it has their “Energy 9.0” cocktail of energy ingredients, which in this flavor only includes 8 ingredients (isomaltulose, taurine, maltodextrin, caffeine, niacin, guarana, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin). Either way, the caffeine punch, which is on par with other brands, is still there, as are the B vitamins. On the packaging front, the product follows the same format as the other Slap products, with a large block letter logo placed in the center of the front panel. They’ve put the words “low calorie” in the right place, too, making it easy for you to identify this product as a calorie reduced formula. Overall, we enjoyed this product quite a bit – and we’d honestly reach for this one over its full calorie counterpart.


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