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Last Updated: 9/22/2009 9:01 AM

From a flavor point of view, Slap’s “Frost Sensation” is the most unique of the lineup. That’s because the name “Frost” isn’t just a marketing ploy – the product’s flavor actually has a cooling sensation to it. In terms of what it actually tastes like, the product has a flavor that tastes like a guarana berry flavor. Then again, as you drink the product, it becomes harder and harder to distinguish other flavors from the mix as the cooling sensation continues to take over your mouth. And let’s not forget the energy kick, which, relying on their proprietary “Energy 9.0” blend, gets you going quickly. While it’s hard to say how many people would drink this on a regular basis (we bet that you’ll either love the cooling sensation or hate it), having an innovative flavor like this as part of the lineup should help make Slap a memorable brand. We’d say the same for the exterior of the product, with prime placement of the Slap logo (a large square filled with block letters) on the center of the front panel. They’ve wisely put all of the text on a dark background, making for an easy to read design that looks great when standing next to the other Slap flavors. All in all, an innovative product that’s well executed.


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16 oz can

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