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Last Updated: 12/12/2008 12:01 PM

Labeled as "tea + energy," this 2 oz shot has a very enjoyable and innovative flavor. Aside from the use of tea (white and yerba mate), this product does deliver with a "crisp" apple flavor. It's a pairing that works quite well, allowing the product to have an enjoyable, non medicinal taste. From a functionality point of view, the use of tea, mate, and other straight forward ingredients seems like a leg up for this product. On the outside, they've chosen colors and a label design that make the product seem much less off putting than some of the other products making their way into this category. In summary, Slap Energy Shot's Crisp Apple is an excellent entry that delivers with good flavor, a decent hit of energy, and packaging that stands out.


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Functional: Energy Shot, Tea: Yerba Mate


2 oz. shot

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