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Last Updated: 2/11/2013 3:26 PM

Slingshot Cold Brew is one of the few cold brewed coffee lines that we’ve seen that include both a ready to drink and concentrate formulation. In addition, this maker switches out the beans (it says they use “in-season” beans), which could certainly make each experience with the brand somewhat different (our samples were made with Peruvian beans). That said, it’s somewhat hard to really offer a review of the flavor. Still, what’s inside the bottle is clearly something that is carefully crafted and of very high quality. Our one concern with this approach is that the experience will be different each time, which may be somewhat risky and confusing to consumers. And with flavor being a big factor in why people consume beverages, having this be a variable is somewhat of a risk. The fixed part of Slingshot is the bottle, which is a 16 oz. cylindrical glass bottle. The ready-to-drink variety features an off-white colored label, while the concentrate variety has a black label. Both have their merits, but we prefer the look of the ready-to-drink’s label due to the contrast that is created between the color of the liquid and that of the label. Otherwise, the look of the product is very nicely executed, with a cleanly designed label that feels classic but modern at the same time. We like the playfulness of the name and the slingshot image, while the text is thoughtful and arranged in such a way that it’s pleasing to the eye. Overall, we do have some concerns about the seasonal approach, but they’ve definitely proven that they can execute a very high quality product.


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