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Last Updated: 6/21/2012 11:17 AM

Unlike the Cherry Pomegranate flavor, which is overwhelmed with fruit flavor, the Peach Passionfruit variety of Snapple’s Lightly Sweetened tea seems like somewhat of a logical progression from the core Snapple flavors. In essence, it tastes like a more mellow version of Snapple’s classic peach flavored black tea, thanks to lower sugar content (18g) and the naturally more delicate flavor of white tea. However, we’re not sure what passionfruit really brings to the mix, aside from a feeble attempt to make this seem slightly more exotic. In our opinion, a cleaner peach flavor would make the product more polished and refreshing. Visually, the product suffers from an over-designed label, with text filling just about every possible area on the label. This leaves the fruit imagery in a small and easy to miss area -- they definitely don’t whet the palate. Overall, a decent product, but it could definitely be better.


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