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Of the three coconut water enhanced flavors of SoBe Lifewater that we sampled, Mango Mandarin is the best tasting flavor of the bunch. The “Mango Mandarin” flavor is pretty straightforward -- it’s just orange mango with a fancier name -- and is something that’s reminiscent of a sports drink. That said, this seems like a great fit for a hydration product. The stevia aftertaste is lower than it is in the other two flavors, while the added sugar helps achieve a natural level of sweetness. Nutritionally, the product has 80 calories, 20g of sugar, and a decent amount of electrolytes in each bottle. It is packaged in a 20 oz. fully-wrapped PET bottle, which certainly fits with the rest of the SoBe Lifewater brand. Compared to other Pepsi products, the front panel feels slightly less cluttered, although the “and other natural flavors” and “from concentrate” could be left off the front panel. Overall, this product is something that might lure in consumers who are curios about coconut water, but are afraid to experiment with a new or unknown brand. Beyond that, we suspect that most drinkers of this product will be those who are already drinking Lifewater.


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20 oz PET

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