Yumberry Pomegranate (purify)

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Last Updated: 12/30/2008 8:36 AM

This was the first flavor of SoBe LifeWater's 0 Cal Naturally Sweetened line that we sampled. The flavor is inspired by yumberry and pomegranate, although it tastes a lot less exotic than it sounds, with what is essentially a tart berry flavor. In addition to Reb A (stevia), the product is sweetened with erythritol to help further the product's sugar-like sweetness. On that front, the product succeeds, delivering a flavor that is certainly an improvement over previous zero calorie entries. However, it's still not a perfect replacement for sugar and there is a noticeable sweetener taste in both the body and the finish. From a packaging point of view, this is certainly the best work of SoBe LifeWater to date. They've given the product a proprietary bottle and a fully wrapped label with a modern looking lizard theme that seems destined to skew towards a female demographic. The front panel is busy with text, which makes it easy to miss the functional theme of this flavor, "purify." Functioanlly, the product has small doses of B vitamins, vitamin E, 100% of vitamin C, and added ginger and dandelion (for the "purify"). Overall, it's a good first effort as far as Reb A goes, but it doesn't seem to offer enough


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