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Last Updated: 10/13/2010 12:47 PM

Sokenbicha’s Revive variety is a blend of oolong tea, black tea, rose petals, rose hips, and ginseng which have been enhanced with natural flavors and citric acid. The result is something that starts out tasting nice (or “crisp” as the label says), but it finishes with a hit of bitterness and rose flavor – two things that don’t work so well with the base tea flavor. It’s hard to say whether this is the choice of tea or the choice of flavorings to go with it, but it definitely needs a trip back to the drawing board. We’d say the same about the use of the word “Revive,” which has been given a lot of emphasis on the front of the bottle. Instead of pushing a very loose functional claim, we’d like to see some emphasis on the actual flavor of the drink (and the type of tea used). Currently, the small print is where you’ll find a description of the flavor and tea – we don’t think that’s going to cut it against the competition. On a positive note, the shape of the bottle and the associated label design definitely pop off the shelf, especially when sitting next to the square shaped bottles that are so common with other Asian themed unsweetened teas. They’ve done a nice job of making this product feel sophisticated and credible, while also giving the product a shape that’s easy to grip and feels comfortable in the hand. Overall, this flavor’s packaging is eye catching, but what’s inside the bottle is in need of some refinement.


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