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Last Updated: 4/26/2010 10:32 AM

Solid Health’s Pomegranate Blend is a pleasant tasting beverage that, like the other flavors in the lineup, is enhanced with pollen extract, vitamins, and minerals. From a taste perspective, it’s really easy to drink, with a pleasant pomegranate flavor that has been mildly sweetened with sugar (the drink has 10g of sugar per 8 o.z serving). Functionally, the product is a bit harder to grasp, with the packaging sending multiple messages about the drink’s benefits. So, you’ve got a product that’s marketed as being allergen-free, is a pollen extract supplement, low calorie, energizing, high in vitamins, and contains over 180 essential nutrients. And that’s just the front panel. On the back, there’s a list of ten other benefits that the product offers. Ultimately, this makes for something that’s going to overwhelm the consumer and undermine the drink’s credibility, unless a consumer is willing to spend a lot of time reading the bottle – and is already familiar with the benefits of pollen extract. That being said, we think that this brand needs to refine and simplify their pitch. This, combined with reducing the amount of text on the front panel and improving its readability, would allow this brand to present itself as the innovative product that it aspires to be. Overall, taste is enjoyable and the concept is intriguing, but the execution of it needs improvement.


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