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Last Updated: 1/13/2010 11:26 AM

While the name “White Grape” will likely inspire thoughts of filler juice in the heads of some, Organic Source’s formulation is one that’s actually quite enjoyable. Made with 34 percent juice and containing no added sweeteners, this product has a flavor that’s more akin to red grape juice, which might be the result of added grape essence rather than the white grape juice. In any event, this product is an enjoyable grape flavored product that makes for a nice, natural tasting alternative to grape soda. And with about 75 calories per bottle, it also makes for a nice in-between for those who want to cut calories and carbs, but don’t want to switch to something that uses artificial or other types of sweeteners. Packaging of this flavor is, like the other Organic Source flavors, a standard 12 oz. glass bottle. It’s the same bottle that you’ll find from a bottle of IZZE, which may result in this branding having a visual identity crisis. The second concern that we have is the name, White Grape, which sounds extremely pedestrian in this day and age. Figuring out a better way to market this seems like a necessary step. Overall, this was the best of the Organic Source flavors, with enjoyable flavor inside the bottle, but the branding isn’t quite there yet.


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Juice: Sparkling Juice


12 oz bottle

Nutritional Info

Calories 50, Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Carb 13g, Sugars 12g, Protein 0g


Purified sparkling carbonated water, organic white grape juice from concentrate, organic grape essence, citic acid.

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