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Special K2O Protein Water

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Last Updated: 10/3/2007 8:55 AM

For a product flavored with strawberry kiwi and designed to be a protein enhanced drink, this flavor drinks reasonably well, with a moderately sweetened body that delivers only 50 calories per bottle (thanks to an ace-k and sucralose blend). It's not overly natural tasting, but that's pretty typical for strawberry kiwi flavors. There's also not much in the way of sweetener taste, which is definitely a plus. Perhaps the biggest problem with this drink is the relatively low amount of protein that the drink delivers (5g per bottle). We think they could push it a bit more, especially since that pasty protein taste is already present in the finish of the drink. Packaging uses a chaotically designed full wrap label on what's a miniature version of the bottles used in sports drinks such as Gatorade. Overall, it's got decent taste, but not a lot of substance.


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