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Last Updated: 10/8/2009 9:30 AM

Billed as a “sparkling green tea,” Steaz’s Zero Calorie Black Cherry Sparkling Green Tea blows away every black cherry flavored diet soda that we’ve ever sampled. Sweetened with rebiana (stevia) and erythritol, this beverage maintains a sugar-like sweetness but without the calories. Often plagued by bad aftertaste, this blend of sweeteners and selection of flavors hides almost all of the aftertaste, to the point where your palate will likely be completely fooled if you’re drinking this with food. And as far as the flavors themselves go, this product is spot-on with its black cherry flavor, while the addition of Ceylon green tea gives the product a cool note to the product’s crisp finish. On the packaging front, the product has been upgraded, with a hip but polished looking design that still feels like a good for you product. We like the new logo, especially when compared against the brand’s original logo (“Steep”). Aside from this being Steaz’s best effort yet, we think it’s a look that can let Steaz maintain its roots, but also bridge the gap over to the mainstream. Pair that with the product’s extremely enjoyable flavor and you’ve got a product that’s nearly perfect and certainly worth our highest rating.


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12 oz bottle

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