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Last Updated: 10/8/2009 9:29 AM

Again, Steaz hits the nail on the head by delivering really accurate fruit flavor, natural tasting sweetness, and upgraded packaging. By using erythritol and rebiana (stevia) as well as very accurate fruit flavors, which have been aided by elderberry juice, and organic Ceylon green tea, the product has a very enjoyable and refreshing flavor. It’s easy to drink, but still more complex in flavor than other sugar free carbonated beverages that we’ve sampled in recent memory, thanks to the use of green tea. The blueberry flavor is much easier to taste than the pomegranate, which hits your tongue at about the same time as the tea and sweetener, resulting in it getting slightly lost in the mix. Fortunately, it works out okay, especially since the sweetener is clean and natural tasting, while the green tea adds an earthy dimension that’s both very enjoyable and a nice point of differentiation. The use of Fair Trade and Organic certified ingredients is an added plus, especially when it comes to the branding of the product. Speaking of branding, this product has been given a big upgrade with an overhauled logo and package design. It’s much cleaner and more modern looking than Steaz’s prior efforts, having steered away from the health and natural style of the old package. Calling it “Steaz Zero Calorie” rather than “Diet Steaz Sparkling Green Tea” feels more appealing as well, with the green tea now a secondary part of the product’s pitch. That’s likely to help lure in more buyers, especially once they have a chance to taste the product’s very enjoyable flavor. Overall, an extremely well executed product from Steaz that represents a leap forward for the brand.


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