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Last Updated: 10/8/2009 9:26 AM

Steaz's Zero Calorie Orange is an impressive tasting product that shows just how much the Steaz brand -- and zero calorie beverages -- have evolved over the years. Using a Fair Trade certified formulation and lots of organic ingredients, this tea enhanced carbonated soft drink delivers impressive flavor thanks to their use of erythritol and rebiana (stevia) as the drink's sweeteners. As a result, the drink's two primary flavors (Ceylon green tea and orange flavor) shine through, delivering an extremely refreshing flavor that's straightforward and natural tasting. To that extent, Steaz is essentially redefining what a diet orange soda can be, showing that new sweeteners and high quality ingredients can be used in a zero calorie formula. On the outside, the brand has been giving a big visual upgrade, going from its former earthy look to something that's chic and modern. They've given the product a new logo, which uses outlines of tea leaves, and the label’s new white backdrop greatly improves readability and keeps the front panel clean. In addition, the label now features text for some of the health benefits, a mention of the fact that it’s now “naturally sweetened”, and Fair Trade and Organic certifier logos. Noticeably diminished is the use of green tea, which has been moved to the line beneath the flavor name. In our opinion, that’s a smart move, allowing the brand to establish a more succinct and focused pitch by simply calling the product “Steaz Zero Calorie” (rather than “Diet Steaz Sparkling Green Tea” as it used to be known). Overall, this is a really well executed zero calorie product that sets a new standard for zero calorie CSDs.


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