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Last Updated: 4/17/2014 12:47 PM

Strawberry Moon’s Remedy No. 17 is probably the most creative and interesting blend that we sampled. It mixes carrot, coconut, cilantro, lime, and cayenne to create a flavor that’s very complex and enjoyable. Looking at the bright orange liquid, it’s pretty obvious that the base flavor is carrot. From there, the coconut (presumably they mean coconut water) provides a light earthy flavor and a touch of sweetness. Lastly, the lime, cilantro, and cayenne hit your tongue, which, when combined, provides a yin and yang tart and spicy flavor that’s rounded out by the cilantro. It’s a combination that doesn’t sound like a natural fit, but it definitely works quite well. All in all, this was the most memorable and unique flavor of the Strawberry Moon products that we sampled. On the outside, the Strawberry Moon brand is simple and clean, but the label and presentation of the product definitely need some work. Clearly, this is a handmade product -- there’s no safety seal on the bottle, no nutrition facts panel, and no mention of even the packaging size. So, they have some kinks to work out of if they plan to scale beyond a handful of stores. Fortunately, the brand itself looks good, with a simple whimsical illustration that definitely bolsters the “raw” aspect of the product inside the bottle. Overall, we really like the flavor of this variety and, with some work, we think this one could be a really great product.


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