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Last Updated: 7/15/2013 12:46 PM

This variety of Strawberry Moon raw juice is known as “Remedy No. 3” and is a three-ingredient blend of carrot, apple and orange. The product is completely raw (meaning no pasteurization or high pressure processing) and has a shelf life of three days. The flavor is very heavy on the carrot, with the apple and orange only there to provide a touch of sweetness to round things out. It’s an enjoyable combination, but one that’s very basic to the point where you can probably find something similar in any number of raw juice brands. As far as the branding and packaging are concerned, we like the old-fashioned illustrated look of the label and the Strawberry Moon branding. However, this product seems to be missing a few key elements (like a nutrition panel, package size, and other standard label copy) to make a push outside of the few stores where it is currently sold. Furthermore, the company claims that it is “organic,” which, if it is, should be represented on the label (assuming they can get certification). Overall, a nice start and we hope the company refines the product a bit further.


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Juice: Fruit Juice, Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


16oz Plastic

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