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Last Updated: 1/9/2014 11:50 AM

Stumptown’s “Cold Brew Coffee with Milk” is, as the name implies, a ready-to-drink blend of its cold brew coffee, rBST-free milk and sugar. This product, which effectively puts Stumptown into both the traditional RTD coffee category and the dairy space, is a very unique and enjoyable one that lives up to the reputation for high quality that the company has established. For starters, the flavor is so close to what you’d get from going to one of Stumptown's shops. The coffee is smooth, but bold, while the dairy and sugar have been incorporated in just the right amounts. Specifically, this is, unlike the mainstream brands that are essentially coffee-flavored milk, a coffee beverage and one that coffee aficionados can definitely feel good about drinking. On the packaging and branding front, what Stumptown has done is both very clever and appealing. Putting the product in a milk carton rather than a glass bottle or can (like competing brands) makes it clear that this is not just another wannabe. Instead, the company has taken a package that can essentially be its own (at least in the coffee category). Plus, the execution is clean and the design works great with the Stumptown brown and gold color scheme. Both of these things give the product a hip throwback look that should definitely catch some eyes. Overall, we’re instant fans of this product. It’s exceptional in both taste and packaging.


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16oz and 64oz Carton

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