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Last Updated: 2/20/2014 2:21 PM

Suja Elements Blutrients is a blend of USDA Organic certified apple, blueberry, blackberry, banana, chia seed, pomegranate, acai, chlorella, baobab and camu camu. Of the Suja Elements flavors that we’ve sampled to date, it’s definitely the thickest, which is partially due to naturally pulpy consistency of the added berries. The flavor of the product is very straightforward and enjoyable, with apple, blueberry, blackberry, and banana being the primary flavors. The other ingredients aren’t easily distinguishable from the mix. That’s not a bad thing -- Blutrients is something that was created with the mainstream in mind, and it definitely excels at being just that. And we like the fact that this product is pulpy and less homogenized than what you’ll find in one of the larger brands. Visually, we like the purplish blue color of the label and how the company presented the key benefits of the product. However, the ingredients list, which is on the front of the bottle, makes the product feel somewhat text heavy. Still, the messaging on the label and the look of the bottle are effective at making the product feel like a high quality offering. Overall, we really like this flavor.


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12oz Plastic

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