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Switchel is a unique non-carbonated beverage that is made with Vermont maple syrup, organic lemon juice, organic apple cider vinegar, ginger root and blackstrap molasses. With all of those ingredients, it has a pretty complex flavor; it's like a sweeter version of a “master cleanse” beverage. The maple and molasses flavors hit you first, with the lemon and apple cider vinegar providing a nice backdrop. The ginger is something that has only a very faint taste -- upping its potency would definitely be nice. Still, it’s a unique and enjoyable tasting product. On the outside, we’re a little confused by the company's choice of packaging and positioning. For starters, the phrase “original recipe” is not at all descriptive of what’s inside the bottle, forcing you to read the back panel to figure out what you are getting into. Unlike those of us in the industry, many consumers will probably just move on. Second, the product describes itself as an energy drink, but this seems like the wrong consumer to be seeking (and something that is not explained well). Lastly, being a non-carbonated product that looks like a soda is another point of confusion. Putting the beverage in a container that’s similar to those used for juices or teas (like an 8 or 10 oz. PET bottle) would definitely be an improvement. Overall, we like what’s inside the bottle, but we think the company is marketing it wrong.


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