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Last Updated: 10/28/2009 9:33 AM

At least from a labeling point of view, this is probably the most appetite whetting and most marketable of the T2U flavors. What’s inside the bottle is pretty good as well, having a tart note of pomegranate juice that has been added to T2U’s base of green tea. In addition to the juice and tea, the product is honey- and sugar- sweetened and has added flavors, vitamin C, citric acid, and color. The resulting blend is sweet (maybe a bit too sweet compared to the other two flavors), but smooth, with enough green tea flavor making its way to your palate to create a slightly grassy note to the finish. Compared with other sweetened RTD teas that are imported from Asia, this one definitely has a more natural taste to it and a more mainstream flavor profile, both of which are nice points of differentiation. Another point of differentiation is the bottle, which is a 16 oz. aluminum bottle with a rather narrow opening at the top. This makes the product shippable rather than chuggable, which is likely what they were going for. The label is very vibrant and clean, with bright colors and cleanly designed visual elements on a clutter-free front panel. And compared to the other two flavors of T2U, this flavor is most easily and quickly identifiable, thanks to the familiar image of a sliced pomegranate. Overall, T2U’s Pomegranate Green Tea is a well executed product that delivers nice points of differentiation in both flavor and packaging.


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16 oz bottle

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