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Last Updated: 7/26/2010 11:06 AM

Of the three flavors of Tapout Energy Drink that we sampled, Cranberry Orange was our favorite. The reason is that this flavor carries the least amount of aftertaste from the sucralose and acesulfame potassium sweeteners that are used in the drink. Otherwise, we think it really comes down to personal preference as the three flavors really aren’t that much different than one another. In this case, the flavor is slightly more tart than the other two, but the flavors aren’t really distinguishable as cranberry or orange (it’s more like a fruit punch). For this type of product, that’s not really a big deal, with the end result being that the product tastes good and has kick to it. Speaking of kick, the product packs a punch, with 200mg of caffeine per can as well as 2000mg of taurine and added ginseng, B vitamins, and amino acids. On the outside, the product relies heavily on the existing brand equity of the mixed martial arts clothing brand known as “Tapout.” The front panel is simple, with the exception of the a large block of fine print that’s at the bottom of the can. Our biggest issue with this is that it’s the only place on the can that mentions that this is a sugar-free product. Making this a bit more obvious would definitely be a good thing. Otherwise, we think they’ve done a good job of executing this product.


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