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Last Updated: 3/24/2010 12:00 PM

This flavor isn’t actually a tea, but an “herbal infusion” of spearmint, peppermint, and tarragon, which has been sweetened with erythritol and reb A (stevia). Clearly, the main focus was in making a product that could qualify as zero calorie and be all natural – because it certainly doesn’t taste very good. In our opinion, this product tastes as though they started with the Zen flavor and removed the citrus flavor from the product, leaving something that has an even more pronounced sweetener flavor. And, like the other two flavors, the packaging is busy and heavy on the text, with too little emphasis placed on the product’s flavor to the point where it fails the whet the appetite. Overall, this product needs a lot of work.


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Tea: Sweetened


13.8 oz Glass

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