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Last Updated: 6/28/2007 2:10 PM

Tazo's White Cranberry is, unlike Berryblossom, a full calorie product that is made with 2 percent white cranberry juice. Sweetened with cane sugar, the product has a clean body and a crisp finish. There's a pretty nice taste to the product, although it's skewed more towards being a juice product than a tea. Like Tazo's other white tea variety, we'd like to see more tea flavor and a bit less juice. Last, there's the bottle, which emits a definite vibe of "premium". It's a pretty good looking product, but we wonder if the consumer will expect something different from what's inside the bottle. Overall, this is one of the best mainstream white tea entries, but in all honesty, we can say that only because the bar is otherwise set very low.


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Tea: Sweetened


13.8 fl oz

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