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TeaZazz Sparkling Tea

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

TeaZazz Sparkling Tea - the Delicious Alternative You've Been Waiting For!
In a market overwhelmed with enriched water and
energy drinks, Tamara Saretsky and Delicia Soliman,
launched TeaZazz Sparkling Tea in 2006. The duo
aimed to create exhilarating beverages that are not only
a healthier alternative to soda, but a new way for
consumers to enjoy tea. Their beverages offers a perfect
combination of the nourishing essentials of tea with the
carbonation people crave. Since its initial launch in
California, TeaZazz Sparkling Tea has successfully
expanded their distribution from independent grocery
and convenience stores to major super-market chains
and now are looking to branch out into restaurants with
the launch of TeaZazz NaturalZ. TeaZazz is the perfect
solution for consumers who are searching for healthier
alternatives to soft drinks but are unsatisfied with
conventional ?flat? (un-carbonated) teas, enhanced
waters and juices. The light carbonation in TeaZazz
delivers the fun mouth feel associated with soft drinks
while its tea content brings the health and wellness
benefits of powerful antioxidants found in tea.
TeaZazz is a premium positioned brand with only the highest quality ingredients and packaging. The company is dedicated to
providing delicious tea-based beverage alternatives. TeaZazz is ideal for multiple retail channels, including : conventional grocery,
drug, club-stores, mass, gas restaurant and convenience retailers.
Original Line has six flavors: Green Tea Lemon, Peach, White Tea Kiwi-Strawberry, White Tea Orange-Mango, Half and Half Black Tea Lemonade and Green Tea Mint
NaturalZ Line has three flavors- all are a Sparkling Wasabi Green Tea Base in Red Plum, Paw Paw Fruit and Ginger Mint.

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