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Last Updated: 7/6/2009 5:01 PM

Mixing blueberry flavoring and sugar with green tea is something that’s surprisingly simply yet extremely enjoyable. Of course, this being a Teas’ Tea product, the base of tea is really what gets the emphasis, with a slightly grassy base of tea that’s been cut nicely by the blueberry flavor and touch of sweetness. The resulting mix is very smooth and balanced, with just the right amount of each flavor hitting the palate. At 80 calories per 16.9 oz. bottle, the product has a decent amount of sweetness (more than an Honest Tea), but not enough that you’d classify it as sweet. That seems like an okay approach to this crowded category, especially since it’s also far enough away from Teas’ Tea’s core unsweetened brand. On the outside, it looks very much like the flagship brand, which might make consumers familiar with the brand overlook this product as the “Naturally Sweet” text is quite subtle. Otherwise, they’re sticking with what works – a sleeve wrapped square shaped bottle. The fruit callout is simple, but easy to find -- to the point that we’d doubt that anyone will have a hard time identifying this as a blueberry flavored drink. Overall, an enjoyable product that’s quite clean in both flavor and visual execution.


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Tea: Sweetened


16.9 fl oz

Nutritional Info

Calories 40 calories per serving(2 servings), fat 0g,sodium 0 g, total carbohydrate 10g, sugars 9g, protein 0g, Vitamin C 60%


Purified Water, Cane Sugar, Green Tea, Natural Flavors, Malic Acid, Ascorbic Acid

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