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Last Updated: 4/16/2013 1:12 PM

Of the two Teas’ Tea Latte flavors that make up the initial line, the Matcha Green Tea Latte is definitely the star. This product blends green tea, matcha (green tea powder), skim milk powder, turmeric, and spirulina extra (along with natural flavor and ascorbic acid). The resulting mixture has much more depth of flavor compared to the black tea variety. It starts with a nice base of green tea, complete with the earthy and grassy notes that it’s known for. Fortunately, the flavor of the milk and the added sugar (which we’d describe as making the product moderately sweetened) help mellow out the green tea and make everything taste like one cohesive product. All in all, we appreciate what they’ve created in this flavor and definitely found it preferable and more innovative than the black tea variety. On the visual end of things, we’d continue with that theme. The green color of the liquid works well with the green colored label and, for most consumers, should make it obvious that this is a green tea product. This design definitely seems more effective and appealing to the senses than the red hues used on the black tea product. Overall, we really like what they’ve created. It’s both well-executed and provides an intriguing offering for consumers who want a “latte” but don’t want coffee.


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