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Last Updated: 8/8/2008 11:48 AM

Of all the unsweetened Teas' Tea flavors that we've sampled, this one is definitely the best and most drinkable. They've added a complementary flavor in the form of mint, which adds a delicate layer of flavor and balance to the underlying green tea. It helps cut the natural grassiness that we Teas' Tea's green teas are known for, all the while maintaining the drinks super premium form. Our only complaint is the lack of differentiation between the flavors, which furthers the brand's commodity image. The same can be said for packaging, which, regardless of any technical merits, isn't the most appealing bottle in the category. Overall, a technically sound product with very enjoyable flavor, but it seems like they are missing the ability to make this product have real appeal.


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Tea: Unsweetened


16.9 oz PET

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