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Last Updated: 2/8/2013 11:43 AM

Teas’ Tea Half & Half Green Tea with Peach takes one of the most popular fruit flavors to be paired with tea and delivers it in a reduced calorie format that uses sugar and stevia. In terms of flavor, it definitely seems like a success, with a pleasant base of green tea and an accurate tasting peach flavor. There’s a modest amount of sweetness to the product, with only a hint of stevia at the finish. The concept of a 50 calorie serving is good, although using a bottle that is referred to as a single serve size seems like something that would be more honestly labeled as 100 calories. In terms of branding and packaging, we are again left feeling like the brand should be further developed to make the product seem more exciting. Maybe that’s something that Ito En doesn’t think is an issue (their other teas aren’t exactly exciting, but have been successful), but in the sweetened tea space there are definitely a host of very strong brands that this product will be up against. In addition, they really need to rethink the use of “Plus” and “Half and Half,” which are essentially being misused on this product. Otherwise, we think the visual format that they have for this product is a nice play on their core brand. Overall, a nice product, but it would be a lot better if it communicated what it is in a more clear and personable way.


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