The Relaxing Tea

The Relaxing Tea

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Last Updated: 4/16/2010 9:27 AM

Compared with their CSD offering, Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda, this product is both more drinkable and, we think, more marketable as well. The flavor is quite enjoyable, using a mixture of green and black teas that have been sweetened with agave and cane sugar. It’s smooth and clean, with a medium level of sweetness to it. The product has 100 calories and 26g of sugar per bottle, putting it about in the middle of the tea category. Functionally, the product relies on kava root extract, which they claim is a premium variety from the island nation of Vanuatu. Whether or not you respond to kava, we found the flavor of this product to be soothing and relaxing. On the outside, they’ve created a label that’s striking and catches the eye, with only a unique six-sided shape that’s filled with a variety of colors and minimal (only 3 words) text. However, putting something on the front panel that helps the consumer know what this drink will taste like would definitely be a plus, especially when the drink contains agave and other ingredients that would position this as a premium product. Still, starting with a minimalist design and slowly adding to it seems like a better approach than being cluttered to start. Overall, this is a really nice product that’s well rounded, delivering flavor, function, and clean packaging.


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16 oz glass

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