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Last Updated: 2/17/2011 11:34 AM

In the grand scheme of the energy shot category, Tonic Health Shot “Energy” is one of the more palatable energy shots out there. That’s not to say that it tastes as good as an energy drink or traditional RTD beverage, but Tonic Energy doesn’t have the harsh burn that’s found in so many of the energy shots on the market today. Instead, the product has what we’d describe as a tea flavor, with the stevia (it also uses 5g of sugar) creating an almost mint-like flavor to the finish. For its functional cocktail, this product features 150mg of natural caffeine, D-Ribose, yerba mate, guarana, and B vitamins. With that level of caffeine, Tonic Energy will definitely pack some punch. The packaging is a 2.5 oz. PET bottle, which looks almost like a miniature version of the ubiquitous 16.9 oz. stock bottle of the same shape. They’ve done a nice job with the logo and colors, with the product looking especially nice when it’s stocked next to the brand’s other offerings. However, we don’t see the value of the numbering system: it feels more like a distraction than a benefit. Otherwise, we very much appreciate the fact that the text on the bottle is at a size that’s easily readable. Finally, it would be helpful if the product had some way to explain or substantiate the “health shot” tag line. Still, a very enjoyable all natural energy shot.


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Functional: Energy Shot, Tea: Yerba Mate


2.5 oz PET

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