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One of the two Tonic varieties that does not contain caffeine, Immunity features ingredients that are commonly accepted to help boost your immune system. These include vitamin C, Echinacea, zinc, grape seed extra, and chlorella powder. The aroma of the shot is a bit off putting, but fortunately, this does not carry over to the flavor of the shot. It uses a sweetener blend of sugar and stevia, which keeps the calories at 20 and still manages to bring a good amount of sweetness to the product. The flavor is probably best described as grape-orange-strawberry, with notes of sweet and sour throughout. On the outside, the product has a nice visual appearance, starting with the bottle shape that looks like a miniature beverage bottle. The red color scheme is appealing to the eye and fits well, particularly given the function and flavor of this variety. The bottle is easy to read aside from the tiny “tonic no 1” that’s found towards the bottom of the front panel. And speaking of the numbering system, it’s not really clear what this is supposed to mean – is it the order you are supposed to consume them or something else? Overall, it’s an enjoyable product, but we wonder how well an immunity variety will sell relative to the other caffeine enhanced offerings that make up this brand.


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