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Last Updated: 5/17/2013 1:33 PM

Traders Point Brewhouse’s Cold Brew Coffee comes in two varieties, Kenyan and Sumatra, based on the type of beans that are used in each product. Which one consumers prefer is ultimately a matter of personal preference, but both were made to the same standard. That said, both are top notch, with a thoughtfully crafted formulation and package. From our standpoint, we enjoyed (and ultimately preferred) the Kenyan coffee variety and, in particular, the smooth flavor of this product. The company has does a very nice job of creating a bold coffee flavor, without being overwhelming. The coffee tastes great whether it is consumed straight up or mixed with a sweetener, milk, or flavoring. Visually, the appearance of the product is definitely that of something that is artisanal and small batch. That’s clearly what Traders Point is going for and, for the most part, we think it's done a nice job. The 16 oz. swing top bottle is a great choice and definitely feels appropriate for this type of product. However, we’d love to see less text on the front and more emphasis on the logo. This would, in our opinion, make the product have a more inviting appearance. Overall, we really like what the company has created. Both of these products are very enjoyable.


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