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Last Updated: 3/23/2011 4:21 PM

Unlike the other flavors of Tradewinds, which are all-natural, the Tradewinds “Tropical” sub-brand uses sucralose as one of its sweeteners. This flavor, along with the Mango variety, does not contain any tea, either. The result is a product that is lower in calories (150 per 23 oz. can), but still very sweet, while the fruit flavor of this product does not taste accurate at all. Instead, this product has a very candy-like flavor, which is certainly not up to par with the rest of the brand. Still, for the extremely value conscious consumer, this product is sure to catch some eyeballs – 99 cents for 23 ounces is a deal. One thing that we really do like about this product is the design of the can. It is above and beyond what’s out there today, both in terms of the visual appeal and the simplicity of the product’s messaging. Overall, we’re far from in love with the flavor, but the packaging is definitely something that we’d take notice of.


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