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Last Updated: 3/23/2011 3:15 PM

Of the Tradewinds tea varieties, this one is the most different of the bunch. For starters, it uses brewed green tea instead of black tea, while also utilizing a blend of honey and sugar as its sweeteners. It’s a welcome departure from the rest of the lineup, but they have managed to keep the baseline for “sweet” consistent with this product. As far as green tea beverages go, this is very mainstream-oriented, with minimal grassy flavor and a pleasant note of honey at the drink’s finish. On the outside, the massive 23 oz. can is a bit overwhelming (there’s also a 20 oz. bottle), although for 99 cents, it’s definitely a good value. Plus, we really like the graphics that they’ve created. Aside from the use of a green color, which offers nice contrast to the other products, the imagery is well executed and seems appropriate for an all natural tea product. Overall, this is one of the more enjoyable products in the line.


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