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Last Updated: 3/23/2011 4:26 PM

Tradewinds’ Sweet Tea is a simple combination of black tea and sugar. It’s an enjoyable interpretation of the Southern classic, with a good amount of black tea making its way to your palate. They’ve been pretty heavy handed with the sugar (as sweet tea is supposed to be), while a touch of citric acid gives the product a slight acidic note to the finish. The acidic note is probably the only difference between this product and what you might make at home, but it’s not something that really impacts the overall experience. On the outside, the massive 23 oz. can, which has 99 cents painted on the label, is clearly a value play. However, it’s the nicest looking can design that we’ve seen in the RTD tea category. The design is clean and has very nice looking graphics, complete with a Caribbean beach scene that gives the product an inviting look. Overall, we’re not sure about the 23 ounce and 99 cents approach (we might opt for the 20 oz bottle that’s also available), but this is a well executed mainstream tea.


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