True Nopal Cactus Water

True Nopal Cactus Water

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Last Updated: 2/6/2014 12:09 PM

True Nopal Cactus Water is a brand of prickly pear “water” that seeks to position itself alongside coconut water products. Made with a blend of water, prickly pear concentrate and natural flavor, the ingredient list looks similar to a coconut water from concentrate. In terms of taste, the flavor is very light and devoid of the sweetness (and sugar) that you’ll find in coconut water. Otherwise, it certainly tastes like prickly pear and water. Compared with coconut water, it has fewer calories and sugar, but it also lacks electrolytes, a key selling point of coconut water. Asking coconut water drinkers to forgo a key benefit to simply cut calories is a big mistake. Beyond that, the biggest thing that this -- or any other brand of cactus water -- is missing is an answer to “why am I drinking this?” Visually, we think that the company made the product look too similar to coconut water, both in design and package type, which will hurt its ability to establish an identity of its own. We like the use of pink and purple colors on the label, but we’d like to see less white area. In addition, punching up the logo and making it feel more integrated with the images would help. Overall, it’s a nice tasting beverage, but we feel as though it really needs to steer clear of positioning against coconut water.


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